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Private gigs this month

5/25/24  Vino Godfather


6/8/24  Wedding

6/9/24  Trilogy Rio Vista Private Gig

6/16/24  Lucca Beer Garden  230pm 

6/27/24 Pittsburg Car Show 5pm

6/29/24  Vino Godfather  1pm

Heading 1


Private gigs early June

7/19/24 Fairfield Concert Series  Woodcreek Neighborhood Park 1470 Astoria Dr

7/26/24 GVRD Bands and Brews  Blue Rock Springs 6-8pm

7/27/24 Vino Godfater 1-5pm

7/28/24 Private Party


8/3/24 Pleasants Valley Estates 5-8pm 7539 Pleasants Valley Rd. Vacaville

8/10/24 Private party

8/15/24 Downtown Vallejo Concert

8/17/24 Vino Godfather 1-5pm

8/24/24 Wedding

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